Partnerships With fitness studios!

Do you want to have an all organic, healthy meal waiting for you after your awesome workout?!

We are here to help with that! 


No more extra stops. We deliver your meal to the studio where you workout. It will be waiting for you when you walk out the doors after your amazing workout!


Working out and eating healthy will give you better results, faster! You are taking your training and health to the next level with this add-on.

sustain Energy

No more food comas! An amazing workout can get your blood flowing and increase your energy. Having a healthy meal after your workout will help sustain that energy throughout the day because of the organic high quality ingredients going into your body.

Our Select Menu for Fitness Studios!

* All Organic (Except the english Muffin)

*All Non-GMO

*Everything is made from Scratch (Except Bread items)

* Healthy that tastes delicious!

* Appeals to many diet types.

See Below for Ordering Details!

Featured Studio

Shred4/15 Raleigh

They don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fitness. Instead, they empower you to work at your own level and speed so that you can gradually push to your next level. They alternate between treadmill drills and floor work, including strength training and cardio bursts. 

Class Time & Date
Allergies and/or Preferences Sat: 8:00am-12:00pm @ Midtown Farmer's Market
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