Our Story

Framework Juice + Kitchen was co-founded by two former NC State Collegiate Athletes that saw the importance of living a holistic lifestyle. While on their journey, they stumbled upon the benefits of food and eventually into the world of holistic health. Through their journey, they have seen significant changes in themselves. Hannah and Airius decided to name their company Framework Juice + Kitchen, with the understanding that there is a FRAMEWORK to health, and food is only one variable. Although Hannah and Airius are committed to serving great tasting nutrient dense food, they also remain cognizant that other factors outside of food impact the health of an individual. 

Meet Our Founders

Hannah Yeager

Airius Moore

Co-Founder & Health Coach

Co-Founder &
Founder of Framework Performance Academy - Personal Training

Why Fridges?

Framework Juice + Kitchen are all organic hand crafted meal fridges (aka vending machines). We choose vending machines for a few reasons:

  • Make healthy food affordable. Healthy can be expensive, so we have made it our mission to keep our products very affordable.
  • Created a speedy and convenient healthy alternative. Everyone is on the go all the time and there are so few healthy “fast food” options.
  • Improve the attractiveness of healthy food. Healthy doesn’t always taste good. We have tested our meals to find dan favorites to put into our fridges that are delicious!
  • America’s Health is on the decline. Being a health coach, our goal is to do as much as we can for our community by taking care of our people through healthy living and eating.

“We see food as a gateway into living a more holistic lifestyle. For us, our jouney started with food and eventually opened us up to the world we did not know existed. That is what we hope to accomplish with out business model. We hope to open the eyes of those in our community and empower them to take charge of their health and start living their best lives today!”

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine by thy food.”


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